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  • School Protection Dogs Documentary

    With the advent of Sandy Hook and other tragedies we propose that there is a better way to protect our children. This video shows what we propose. Cincinnati dog trainer, Mark Gomer┬áshowcases the role that protection trained dogs can have in our school systems along […]

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  • Hoss Beer Fi

    Hoss Getting a Beer

    Talk about specialized dog training! Watch as Craig Lindner’s dog, Hoss, gets Mark a beer! If Mark Gomer can train one-year-old Hoss to get a beer out of the fridge, imagine what else he can do. The possibilities at American Success Dog Training are endless!

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  • Tiger

    Mark doing some tricks with Doberman Tiger.

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  • Hoss Beer Trick

    At only 4 months old, Hoss retrieves a beer for Mark Gomer. This is one of the many specialized tricks Mark can teach your dog.

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  • Hoss – Phone

    Specialty Training – Hoss getting the phone.

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