American Success Dog Training offers programs for dogs of all ages, all temperaments, and all skill levels. We specialize in obedience, problem-solving, advanced task-based skills, tricks, and protection. Whether you have an unruly pocket dog that simply needs manners, a K9 partner that needs to be an expert in drug detection or search and rescue, a new puppy that needs to learn the rules from the beginning, or another challenge with your dog, we have 20 years and over 8000 dogs under our belt. Give us a call and we’ll recommend the best program, or customize a solution if you’re looking for something unique.
Which program is the best fit for you and your dog?

  • Puppy Programs:
    Socialization, housebreaking, crate training, and more.
  • Obedience Training:
    Three levels of customized training.
  • Protection Training:
    Teaching your dog how to be the ultimate guardian.
  • School Dogs:
    These highly trained dogs can detect drugs and firearms, attack intruders, and then turn around and and be completely socialized among children.
  • Specialized Training:
    Police K-9, schutzhund, service dogs, and specialty trick training. Have some other crazy idea that you want to try to accomplish? Run it past us.