Obedience Training

Our Obedience program is all about positive reinforcement, and developing happy, dependable dogs. We offer three levels of obedience, ranging from the basics to complete control off-leash, and will help you every step of the way. Our focus is on building relationships with you and your dog…whether you send him to us for a week of intensive training or we meet weekly for lessons at our facility – we are here to support you and your dog to become the strongest team possible.

There are three levels of obedience training:

Level One Training is our basic on-leash obedience training program for all dogs. You can expect your dog to:

  • Calm down, pay attention, and develop eye contact
  • Learn basic commands: Heel, sit, stay, down, and go to place, bang, roll over, crawl, spin, wave, under arrest, speak and count, down stay for 30min to an hour, and rules and guidlines for the home
  • Respond to voice commands and hand signals

In addition to training your dog, your own personal handling lessons are included.

Level Two Training is our intermediate training program that begins to phase your dog from on-leash to off-leash commands. Completion of Level One is required before enrolling in Level Two. After going through this intermediate program, you can expect your dog to:

  • Transition to responding to voice commands and hand signals off-leash

You will be amazed at the control this program will establish with your dog.

Level Three Training is our advanced full command dog training program. Successful completion of Level Two is required before enrolling in this program. You can expect your dog to:

  • Respond completely to voice commands and hand signals while off-leash
  • Perform tasks and tricks at an advanced level

An excellent dog is required for this demanding level of work.

Celebrate Your Success! Make sure you show off your certificate of completion after you and your canine partner make it through each level of the obedience program.