• School Protection Dogs Documentary

    With the advent of Sandy Hook and other tragedies we propose that there is a better way to protect our children. This video shows what we propose. Cincinnati dog trainer, Mark Gomer showcases the role that protection trained dogs can have in our school systems along […]

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  • Hoss Protection Fi

    Hoss Protection Training

    Take a look at Hoss. He is focusing on protection dog training at American Success Dog Training in Cincinnati.

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  • Hoss Beer Fi

    Hoss Getting a Beer

    Talk about specialized dog training! Watch as Craig Lindner’s dog, Hoss, gets Mark a beer! If Mark Gomer can train one-year-old Hoss to get a beer out of the fridge, imagine what else he can do. The possibilities at American Success Dog Training are endless!

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  • Firearms Fi

    Searching For Firearms

    An 18 week old puppy is trained to search for firearms at American Success Dog Training.

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  • IMG 20140809 150117645

    Our Facility – Pond

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