Changing the name in dog training

At American Success Dog Training, we customize our approach based on what you and your dog need.

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Satisfied customer: Mandy from Police Women of Cincinnati

Satisfied customer: Carson Palmer

Our Facility

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American Success Dog Training offers programs for dogs of all ages, temperaments and skill levels.

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With over 14,000 dogs under our belt, we're pretty confident that we can promise you a successful training experience when you enroll in our training programs.

What We Do
Puppy Programs Training


Socialization, housebreaking, crate training, and more.

Obedience Training

Three levels of customized training.

Protection Training

Teaching your dog how to go from playing with your family to protecting them.

School Dogs Training


These highly trained dogs can detect drugs and firearms, attack intruders, and then turn around and and be completely socialized among children.

Specialized Training

Police K-9, schutzhund, service dogs, prepper dogs, and specialty trick training. Have some other crazy idea that you want to try to accomplish? Run it past us.

Our Latest Work

School Protection Dogs Documentary

With the advent of Sandy Hook and other tragedies we propose that there is a better way to protect our […]

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Hoss Protection Training

Take a look at Hoss. He is focusing on protection dog training at American Success Dog Training in Cincinnati.

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Hoss Getting a Beer

Talk about specialized dog training! Watch as Craig Lindner’s dog, Hoss, gets Mark a beer! If Mark Gomer can train […]

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Searching For Firearms

An 18 week old puppy is trained to search for firearms at American Success Dog Training. […]

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